Betak SA Research - Development

Scientific activity is a priority of the SC BETAK SA, and corrosion related phenomena are dealt with responsibility and professionalism.

Our own products, facilities and devices employed in their execution, and some of the technologies that are applied in the production process are OSIM registered as patents (13), brands (15) or designs (10).

Furthermore, BETAK is an accepted supplier of products and services for the companies ELECTRICA and AFER, with ICECON (RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT AND TECHNOLOGY ) certificated products of, all the three companies mentioned are RENAR (Romanian Accreditation Association – National Accreditation Body) certified.

Starting March 2010, S.C. BETAK S.A. is a provider of road safety guard rails, and appropriate technological lines were developed in this respect. SC BETAK S.A. is among the few manufacturers in Romania executing also the steel rails, the basic element of guard rails, on a specialized automatic line. The corrosion protection for the safety guard rails is ensured by hot dip galvanizing on specific installations (existing at S.C. BETAK S.A.).

S.C. BETAK S.A. has implemented the “Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Integrated Management System” complying with  ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, BS OHSAS 18001:2007, certified by TUV SUD Germany.

S.C. BETAK S.A. has been a member of the Ownership of Romanian Contractors since the very beginning of its founding, a founding member of the National Galvanizers Association of Romania a founding member of the NANOCOR consortium - national organization having as main objective the protection against corrosion, initiator and organizer of annual national conferences with international participation on corrosion and corrosion protection CPA,  ISSN 1842-0346, indexed BDI Index Copernicus and ASRO member starting 2006.

BETAK S.A. businesses outline the research, development and innovation directions of the unit and were reflected in a number of research projects in various stages of implementation: