Betak welded metal structures-Benefits

confectii metalice betak  
  • We have the capacity, technology and experience necessary to increase efficiency and turn your next project into a success;
  • We identify and resolve design inconsistencies, potential problems that may occur during transport or after installation, thereby avoiding costly delays;
  • The processing equipment used ensure that dimensional accuracy of the components, which are afterwards assembled with the utmost care;
  • We collaborate with long-term suppliers of raw materials, and the internal quality control is constantly involved in the manufacturing process;
  • Each stage of the production process is inspected and documented to ensure that your project is carried out according to the requirements;
  • Proper coordination and efficient delivery of steel structures to the beneficiary or on site;
  • Our goal is to make customer or on site benchmarks deliveries with zero defects and nonconformities, and we constantly strive to achieve flawless projects.