Electroplating process


zincare electrolitica  

Semi-automatic installation of Betak S. A. enables the following types of depositions:

  • Weakly acid electroplating
  • Alkaline electroplating
  • Zn - Ni deposition
  • Nanometers co-deposition - Betak Technology
  • Trivalent chromium passivation

Electrolytic galvanizing process includes several phases:


Chemical degreasing

Surface treatments begin by chemical degreasing that is designed to remove both fat and fine dust and the thermal treatment salts from the surface of the part.



Pickling is the elimination of corrosion products from metal surfaces.


Electrochemical degreasing

The electrochemical degreasing completes the chemical degreasing to remove the residual film of fat bodies and discard the surface of all impurities.



It removes the thin film formed during transfer by acid washing.


Actual electrolytic deposition

A thin and uniform electrolytic zinc layer is deposited on the surface of the parts.



Passivation has the role of forming a film of compounds that prevent reactions which may occur on the zinc surface with the environment and to provide corrosion resistance and a nice appearance of the piece.



The washing phase takes place after each stage of the technological process to remove the solution film adhering to the surface of the piece.



Drying takes place in a room type furnace.