Frequently asked questions - Road steel guardrail


What are the weights /ml of the guardrails produced at Betak?

Information about the weight /ml can be found in the Guardrail Technical Sheet.


Can you can also provide the guardail installation in the field?

We provide the guardrail installation through subcontracting.


Can you provide transportation?

Yes, on request, at a fee.


You have the ability to produce curved rails (for curves)?

Betak produces rails with 3.2 and 4.2 ml lengths, particularly for use in curves.


What amount of guardrails in ml (main types) can be transported in a full truck?

A full truck can transport ~1300 ml of semi heavy guardrail or ~900 ml of heavy guardrail respectively ~380 ml of very heavy guardrail.


What are the certifications of the guardrails that you produce?

We are certified according to STAS 1948 and certification according to EN 1317 is ongoing.


What are the packaging delivery conditions for the guardrails?

The rails are delivered in packages of 20 pieces, weight - 1, 3 tons / package, the other components are packaged on europallets, maximum weight 1.4 tons / pallet.


What is the loading method?

The products are loaded by crane and forklift.