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Frequently asked questions - Zinc electroplating


What should zinc electroplating customers know?

  • Products require technological holes:
  1. For the access and flow of the solutions,
  2. For jigging on racks
  • welding must be performed continuously, without pores,
  • the product must not have enclosed cavities,
  • the surfaces must not be covered with paint or bitumen.


What are the maximum sizes for a product to be electroplated?

Any product that fits the sizes of the tanks: L=1700mm; l=1200mm; h=1100mm.


What type of electrolyte do you use?

  • Weak acid,
  • Alkaline.


What type of coatings can you deliver?

  • Zink,
  • Zink-Nickel,
  • Copper.


What is the thickness of the coating?

Usually 8-12µm, other thicknesses can be delivered on request.


Passivation is the same with chromate coanting?



Chromate coating is the same with chrome plating?


Chromate coating = forming a protective film on the surface of the deposited metal

Chrome plating = plating the base metal with a chrome layer by electroplating.


What types of passivation can you perform?

The most common are white iridescent blue and iridescent yellow. On request we can perform green and black passivation.


The passivation is based on Cr 3+ or Cr6+?

We only perform Cr3+ based passivations.


Zinc electroplating is toxic?



Passivation is toxic?

No - the one based on Cr3+

Yes - the one based on Cr6+


What is the role of passivation?

  • Polishing and leveling of the deposited zinc coating,
  • Protecting the deposited zinc coating by forming a passive film on the surface that increases the corrosion resistance.


What type of zinc galvanizing do you recommend: electroplating of hot dip galvanizing?

This aspect is specified in the project.

Hot dip galvanizing:

  • Provides corrosion protection for parts that are typically used in open spaces (outdoor),
  • Hot dip galvanizing is specified for parts that do not have tight tolerances,
  • Assures the coating of the interior of the parts,
  • Risk of product deformation,
  • The zinc coating can reach 150-200µm thickness,
  • High lifespan,
  • Appearance can have different shades of gray, depending on the silicon content of the material composition.

Zinc electroplating:

  • allows the zinc coating only of the outer surface of the product (for ex. not covering the pipes on the interior surfaces),
  • provides corrosion protection and has a striking decorative aspect,
  • used for products working in interior conditions,
  • no deformation risk,
  • used for parts with tight tolerances,
  • zinc coating thickness can be controled.


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