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Hot dip galvanizing is the most effective method of protecting steel against corrosion for long periods of time, being the most popular corrosion protection system as it ensures triple protection:
•    Barrier protection – it isolates substrate from the action of the corrosive environment, and the low corrosion rate of zinc ensures long and predictable service life;
•    Sacrificial protection - because of its more electronegative potential, the zinc gets consumed protecting the areas where steel is exposed due to cutting edges, drilling, scratching, or as a result of handling on site
•    In case of large surface damage it prevents rust expansion under the coating

Hot dip galvanizing is a corrosion protection process performed in order to prevent steel rusting (oxidation). A hot dip galvanized metal object can be stored, transported and used in any natural weather conditions, in air, water, in soil or on soil. In any of these circumstances the role of hot dip galvanizing corrosion protection is not affected. Instead, the aesthetic appearance of the coating may change. White stains may appear or different shades, zinc flower, shiny or matte surfaces etc. All these aesthetic changes of the got dip galvanized surfaces occur due to triggering the mechanism by which zinc protects the steel and prevents the rusting (oxidation) thereof. In recent years, the aesthetic appearance of hot dip galvanizing has been increasingly emphasized. However, one must point out that hot dip galvanizing primarily serves as corrosion protection. Changes in the appearance of galvanized surfaces that can arise from multiple natural causes are unrelated to the purpose for which the galvanizing was performed i.e., corrosion protection.


 Hot dip galvanizing in Cluj-Napoca
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Postal code: 400641   8.2 m x 1.3 m x 2.5 m
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Fax:      0040 264 415 718   Maximum weight of a product:
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  5 tones


TUV   Certified Integrated Management
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001:2007
Electrica   Marketing Authorization
AFER   Railway Supplier Authorization
ICECON   Product Certificate


Loading and unloading the products, in and of transportation means, is made between the 08:00 a.m. – 04:00 p.m.
The zinc coating quality complies with SR EN ISO 1461/2009 or with other similar standards upon customer's request.

A good product design for hot dip galvanizing requires:
•   Acces and drain holes to allow the free acces and drainage of surface preparation solutions and molten zinc upon extracting the products from these baths. If you desire support on the drain and vent holes positioning, you can contact us by phone, send product drawings by e-mail or ask our technologist to come to your office in the case of complex products;
•   Venting holes in closed compartments (aeration) to avoid explosions;
•   Means of handling the products (brackets, mounting holes  etc.).
•   The use of proper steels for galvanizing whose silicon content is less than 0.04 % or ranging between 0.12 % and 0.25 %. Hot dip galvanizing non-compliant steels, containing Si between 0.04% and 0.12% or above 0.25%, lead to large coating thicknesses which tend to peel if improperly handled and transported, and also give a dark gray matt appearance coating.
We understand that hot dip galvanizing is only part of your bigger project, which often involves strict deadlines and quality. The last thing you want is to wait for the delivery of galvanized components, therefore we take all the necessary measures to have the galvanized parts when you need them. With good communication between the galvanizer and the beneficiary, a prior appointment and depending on the amount of products, BETAK S.A. provides hot dip galvanizing services under fast processing conditions (12 to 24 hours from receipt of the products).

BETAK S.A. owns its own fleet of trucks and can provide rapid collection and delivery of products to the beneficiary or on the site, whether it's the next intersection or the other end of the country. Together we can coordinate transportation so as to satisfy your needs or schedule.


Our address:
4 Industriei Street
420063 Bistrita, ROMANIA
Phone: (+40) 263 234 312
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Located in Bistrita, a town of profoundly Saxon tradition, BETAK Company aligns with the tradition of Transylvanian manufacturers, famous in Europe thanks to the top quality products compliant with the most demanding standards in the field.From the legal point of view, BETAK S.A. [joint-stock company] was founded in 1992. Its activity was started in 1995 by commissioning a small manual electrogalvanization plant in a rented facility, with only one employee.Currently, BETAK S.A. is a market leader in the production of galvanized steel strips, one of the leading manufacturers of safety guard rails in Romania, manufacturer of various steel structures and supplier of corrosion protection services by hot dip galvanizing and electrogalvanization.

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