Hot dip galvanizing benefits

Hot dip galvanizing offers benefits that no other coating system can match:

zincare termica   Hot dip galvanizing is the best corrosion protection methods that prevents steel rusting (oxidation), ensuring long product lifetime without requiring maintenance operations. A hot dip galvanized metal object can be stored, transported and used in any natural weather conditions, in air, water, in soil or on soil. In any of these circumstances the role of hot dip galvanization corrosion protection is not affected.
zincare termica   Large variety of shapes and sizes, from pieces that can be held in the palm of your hand to large-sized items or works of art with elaborate details;

zincare termica   Competitive initial cost - as it is a highly mechanized and controlled process, hot dip galvanizing can be performed very economically as processing is achieved in large batches;
zincare termica   Long lifetime proven over 70 years in most types of atmospheres, predictable, virtually no maintenance and repair costs;
zincare termica   The lowest lifetime cost - initial low cost and long life turn the hot dip galvanizing into the most versatile and economical method of protecting steel for long periods of time (over 25 years);
zincare termica   Resistant coating - hot dip galvanizing is unique - coverage obtained form a metallurgical bond with the steel which ensures a much higher damage resistance than other coatings
zincare termica   Processing speed - complete hot dip galvanizing can be applied in just a few hours. An adequate 4-layer paint protection system requires about a week for the application
zincare termica   Consistency - The process is simple and rigorously controlled. The coating thickness is consistent, predictable and easy to prescribe;
zincare termica  

Full coverage - as the parts are dipped in molten zinc, all surfaces will be covered - inside and outside - including odd corners or tight spaces;

zincare termica   Any rust trace is entirely removed;
zincare termica   Triple protection - hot dip galvanizing protects in three ways;
•    In case of damage to large areas, it prevents rust expansion under the coating.
•    It isolates the substrate from the action of the corrosive environment (barrier protection) and the zinc corrosion low rate ensures long and predictable service life;
•    Sacrificial protection of the areas where steel is exposed due to cutting edges, drilling , scratching, or as a result of handling on the site;
zincare termica   Controlled process prescribed by national and international applicable standards;
zincare termica  

Easy inspection - hot dip galvanizing is a honest cover - if the appearance looks good then coating is good. Film thickness can be easily measured using magnetic probe devices;

zincare termica  

Quick installation on the site - Zinc solidifies immediately after removing the products from the zinc bath, requires no drying time, so they can be galvanized, transported on the site and assembled in one day.



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Located in Bistrita, a town of profoundly Saxon tradition, BETAK Company aligns with the tradition of Transylvanian manufacturers, famous in Europe thanks to the top quality products compliant with the most demanding standards in the field.From the legal point of view, BETAK S.A. [joint-stock company] was founded in 1992. Its activity was started in 1995 by commissioning a small manual electrogalvanization plant in a rented facility, with only one employee.Currently, BETAK S.A. is a market leader in the production of galvanized steel strips, one of the leading manufacturers of safety guard rails in Romania, manufacturer of various steel structures and supplier of corrosion protection services by hot dip galvanizing and electrogalvanization.

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