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At present, there is frequent emphasis on the concept of sustainable development and the use of renewable or recyclable materials. Hot dip galvanizing is an effective method of using zinc in protecting steel for long periods of time - saving energy and resources, with minimal impact on the environment. At the end of their lifespan they can be recovered and reused again and again without losing their properties. Therefore, thanks to the possibility of complete recycling of hot dip galvanized products at the end of lifespan a significant contribution to sustainable development is assured.

One can hot dip galvanize products from a very wide size range from parts that can be held in the palm of your hand to large-sized strength beams. Due to the possibility of assembling using nuts and bolts as well as welding the galvanized structures, one can practically hot dip galvanize almost any size of structure. Complex shapes, containers, and most tubular structures can be hot dip galvanized without problems, both on the external and internal surfaces, in a single operation.


Hot dip galvanizing is widely considered as one of the most effective methods of corrosion protection and the most popular system of protection for everything implying outdoor steel structure. The main reason is the cost effective - long life combination.

Hot dip galvanizing has been prescribed for more than 150 years to prevent steel corrosion in the most aggressive environments in a wide range of applications. If hot dip galvanizing was initially considered a means of corrosion protection, it is now more and more prescribed because of low initial cost, durability, longevity, availability, versatility, sustainability and aesthetics.






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Located in Bistrita, a town of profoundly Saxon tradition, BETAK Company aligns with the tradition of Transylvanian manufacturers, famous in Europe thanks to the top quality products compliant with the most demanding standards in the field.From the legal point of view, BETAK S.A. [joint-stock company] was founded in 1992. Its activity was started in 1995 by commissioning a small manual electrogalvanization plant in a rented facility, with only one employee.Currently, BETAK S.A. is a market leader in the production of galvanized steel strips, one of the leading manufacturers of safety guard rails in Romania, manufacturer of various steel structures and supplier of corrosion protection services by hot dip galvanizing and electrogalvanization.

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