Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development


zincare termica   Zinc is the main raw material for hot dip galvanizing, being a recyclable non-ferrous metal. It can be recycled without losing its physical or chemical properties. This is an important advantage for the galvanizing process, ensuring sustainable development and reducing costs. Approximately 30% (2 million tons) of global zinc consumption comes from recycled sources. This figure increases once recycling technologies are improved and industry awareness on environmental issues rises. It is estimated that approx. 80% of the available zinc is recycled and reused using the current technologies. This means that most of the zinc used today was probably used before. The presence of zinc coating does not prevent steel recycling. Hot dip galvanized steel is recycled with other non-galvanized steel products. In the steel manufacturing process of, zinc from galvanized products

Durability – Hot dip galvanized steel ensures corrosion protection for 75-100 years, during which no care and maintenance works are required in the most corrosive atmospheres, industrial exhaust gases or substances used in deicing urban areas. Zinc coating is even tougher than the steel it protects, and will maintain a consistent matte gray appearance throughout its life.

Saving - as hot dip galvanizing requires no maintenance, the initial cost of a structure is also the final cost. Therefore hot dip galvanizing is the cheapest available corrosion protection system in relation to the entire life cycle of the structure, much more economical than dyed steel or concrete requiring frequent and costly maintenance.

Recyclability - zinc and steel are 100% recyclable without losing their chemical or physical properties in the process. Hot dip galvanized steel has been used to protect the trucks or cars chassis because it protects consumer investment and has no environmental impact at the end of its service life.

Safety - hot dip galvanizing makes steel structures (guard rails, beams, bridges, road signs) safer. Hot dip galvanizing covers with zinc even the difficult to reach areas, such as corners or inner surfaces of the masts, towers, handrails etc. where corrosion is usually initiated. The zinc is also a natural element found in the earth's crust, safe, healthy and necessary in our daily diet.

Sustainability - as galvanized steel structures have a lifespan of 75-100 years in which maintenance is not required, the energy consumed over their lifetime (60 years study) in case of galvanized steel is less heat than half of the energy that would be spent when using dyeing. No energy, materials and maintenance costs over the project lifetime (no transport of materials and workers on the site for each maintenance cycle). CO2 emissions for hot dip galvanized products are at a third, respectively for SO2 less than half compared to dyed steel (VTT Building & Transport Study). Another study stated that CO2 footprint of the hot dip galvanized steel is 70% compared to that of concrete (GaBi Database). A report of the Technical University of Berlin states that hot dip galvanizing of a 550 tons parking structure saves over 55 tons of CO2 emissions, and air and water quality (eutrophication) decrease has values of 30% compared with the case in which the parking structure would be painted.

Availability - the galvanizing process is plant controlled, independently of weather conditions. Steel can be hot dip galvanized 24 hours / day, 7 days / week, 365 days / year.

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Located in Bistrita, a town of profoundly Saxon tradition, BETAK Company aligns with the tradition of Transylvanian manufacturers, famous in Europe thanks to the top quality products compliant with the most demanding standards in the field.From the legal point of view, BETAK S.A. [joint-stock company] was founded in 1992. Its activity was started in 1995 by commissioning a small manual electrogalvanization plant in a rented facility, with only one employee.Currently, BETAK S.A. is a market leader in the production of galvanized steel strips, one of the leading manufacturers of safety guard rails in Romania, manufacturer of various steel structures and supplier of corrosion protection services by hot dip galvanizing and electrogalvanization.

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